July 2021

Pastor Corner

Strong in the Lord


“The Lord is my strength and my song,

He has become my salvation.”

Exodus 15:2


When we think of “strength” we do not think in terms of lifting weights or muscle building.  We are much more likely to think of emotional stability or resilience.


Every life has troubles, turmoil, and tragedy.  That is a given!  We make our plans, but life keeps on happening despite them.  We may try to get by, relying on our own stubbornness or on a positive attitude.  We may look to the advice, or the wisdom of other people to pull us through.  We may put our heads down and struggle through, one step and one day at a time.


Sooner or later, we learn how silly these approaches really are, how little they help, especially over the long haul.


So where does true strength and endurance come from?  It is a strength inside us.  It is JESUS!  We must learn to lean on Jesus in all situations. If we focus on Him and not our problems, He will see us through!  His ways are higher and greater than we can even imagine!!  Let go and let God take control!  Watch what He does!